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Consumer Credit Report

A complete overview on every private customer's financial state

Information on private people, restricted to "consumer credit law" as of August 2004. Provides information access on a person's ability to meet payments. The information is gathered from private and public financial sources such as banks and governmental institutions. The information exposes lost debts and prevents you from doing a bad business deal.

Why is it important to order a credit report on a private person?
  • The risk model is tailored specifically to your company's needs and reduces the risk and reservations when signing a business deal
  • Reduces fraud and exposes lost debts
  • Enables to predict customers' payment ethics
What does the report include?

Credit report on private people presents both negative and positive financial information on a person's payment ethics. The information is gathered from several sources: banks, credit card companies, courts, official receiver, execution office, bank of Israel and leading companies on the market.

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Negative Information
  • Bankruptcy
  • Execution office orders
  • Bad checks
  • Limited accounts
  • Unpaid debts
Positive Information
  • Credit lines that were paid on time
For what purposes can you use a report?
  • Providing credit lines
  • Selling or purchasing an asset or a service
  • Check balances and debts
  • Debt collection
  • Renting out apartments and renewing contracts
  • Sales agreements
Tailor made reports

Order a full report that includes information from all sources, or a partial report from sources according to your selection.

How to order a report? (hebrew)

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