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Country Risk Update

In-depth information on countries

D&B’s ‘DB’ risk indicator provides a comparative, cross- border assessment of the risk of doing business in a country. Essentially, the indicator seeks to encapsulate the risk that country-wide factors pose to the predictability of export payments and investment returns over a time horizon of two years.

The ‘DB’ risk indicator comprises a composite index of four over arching country risk categories:
Political Risk
internal and external security situation, policy competency and consistency, and other such factors that determine whether a country fosters an enabling business environment.

Commercial Risk
the sanctity of contract, judicial competence, regulatory transparency, degree of systemic corruption, and other such factors that determine whether the business environment facilitates the conduct of commercial transactions.

Macroeconomic Risk
the inflation rate, fiscal deficit, money supply growth and all such macroeconomic factors which determine whether a country is able to deliver sustainable economic growth and a commensurate expansion in business opportunities.

External Risk
the current account balance, capital flows, foreign exchange reserves, size of external debt and all such factors that determine whether a country can generate enough foreign exchange to meet its trade and foreign investment liabilities.

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Uruguay July 2014
Canada July 2014
Indonesia July 2014
China July 2014
Czech Republic July 2014
Bulgaria July 2014
United Kingdom July 2014
Germany July 2014
Oman July 2014
LebanonIran July 2014
Ghana July 2014
Cameroon July 2014

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