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Business Information Reports

D&B Business Reports
Enable discerning business relations with the company

D&B Business Reports
Innovative and extensive solutions, including professional credit analysis. The solutions enable discerning business relations with the company.

D&B Tailor Made Credit Report
An encompassing solution that enables you to estimate financial risks when doing business with the company, by conducting a financial analysis. The report includes supplier surveys, analysis of the business environment, and assessment of the financial risk, prior to doing business with the company. The report is delivered within 6 business days.

* The data of D&B's reports is subject to information availability

Report Structure
The report reviews a full picture of the company and its suppliers' financial risks. The report is divided into 4 main sections: business summary, ownership and management, financial data and business intelligence. The report provides current information in various aspects:

  • Risk assessment of the business relation by analyzing risk trends
  • Comparing the company's previous ranking with its current ranking and with its business sector
  • Analysis of factors influencing the ranking
  • Company's main events over the past 3 years
  • Financial information
  • Credit recommendation, legal information, media, payments, subjections, ownerships and more.

Other Solutions
  • Performance Report
    A comprehensive report that presents the supplier's capability to conduct projects successfully and meet deadlines.
    The report includes an extensive analysis of the company's capability to perform the project successfully, and includes parameters such as technical and financial capabilities, information on projects that the company conducts and has conducted, performance quality, meeting deadlines, customer and supplier satisfaction, and more.

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